YPG liberates two villages in Serêkaniyê

Western Kurdistan's People's Defence Units (YPG)  Press Office said in a statement released on Tuesday that their forces have launched a reprisal operation against the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) attacks against the Kobanê Canton.

YPG said the operation targeted the ISIS bases in the villages of Rawiya  El Dehmam, located in west Serêkaniyê, both of which -according to the statement- were liberated from gang groups at the night of 23 March.

The statement said 15 members of the ISIS groups were killed in clashes that continued till early morning hours of 24 March. YPG forces also seized the ammunition of the groups in two bases, including an assault rifle and antiaircraft weapon.

One YPG fighter,  Azad Reşid Ferhan, code-name Ebas, also lost his life in clashes, the statement added.