Armed group attacks YPG in Amude

A group of YPG (People's Defense Units) fighters was attacked by an armed gang group in the province of Amude in western Kurdistan as they returned from an operation for clearing the road between Haseke and Dirbêsiyê of armed gangs.

One Kurdish fighter of YPG lost his life and four others were wounded in clashes with the armed group, called “313” and allegedly backed by the Turkish state. Three members of the armed group were killed in clashes late Thursday evening.

In a statement about the clashes, YPG Press Office named the martyred YPG fighter as nineteen year-old Sabri Gulo code-named İsa Selah Gulo from the province of Qamislo who joined YPG in 2011.

Clashes in the area broke out after YPG units surrounded the city and denied access into and out of it following the attack by the armed group.

According to the reports by local sources, members of the armed group carried the casualties to Turkish border before they got them transferred to a hospital in Mardin's Nusaybin district with Turkish ambulances.