A new "wall of shame" to be built in Kilis

Turkey has started to build yet another wall between the Kilis province and the Efrîn city in west Kurdistan.

The wall, which is the third one being built on the border after the Ceylanpınar-Serêkaniyê and Nusaybin-Qamişlo walls, has reached 400 meters height by now. The construction of the wall is going on in an area between the İkidam and Dikmetaş villages in Efrîn's Şera district on west Kurdistan's side, and in the border area between the Tahtalı and Doğan villages of Kilis on Turkey's side.

Giving information to ANF about the wall, local sources said that the Turkish army has deployed a large number of soldiers in the area to provide security for the construction workers building the wall.

The “walls of shame” Turkey is building on its border to Rojava are aimed at breaking the social unity and relations between the people of West and North Kurdistan.